Thursday, February 14, 2013

Site Review: GOXKEYGEN (3 updates)

Update 1, 25/02/2013: Did this web stop working??? If it doesn't continue giving out codes in three days I'll have to add it to my list of websites that don't give out free bitcoins anymore...

Update 2, 28/02/2013: It seems this website died. No more codes for us.

Update 3, 01/03/2013: I removed it from the list. Rest In Peace.

Now that you have an account at the Mt.Gox exchange, there's a little web where you can get a code to add a few free bitcoins to this account called GOXKEYGEN:

How It Works:

  • GOXKEYGEN gives you a code that you can redeem for bitcoins at the Mt.Gox exchange. You need an account there in order to do so.
  • You get the code after solving a captcha. When you enter the code on the funding section of Mt.Gox the funds are added automatically to your account (this means they don't go directly to your digital wallet, although you may send them there from your account if you have the minimum allowed for that).
  • You can expect to get from 10µ฿ to 30µ฿ per code.
  • You can get one code each 24 hours.

Solve the captcha...

... And copy the code (this one is already used, sorry)!

Best Strategy:

  • Get a Timer App on your phone and bookmark on your browser.
  • When you are allowed to redeem a code on the site (once every 24 hours), visit the site, solve the captcha, copy the code, log into your Mt.Gox account, go to FUNDING OPTIONS, choose "Redeem Mt.Gox Code" as the Funding Method, paste the code on the space below and click on "REDEEM CODE". Voilà, some coins appeared on your account.
  • Set your timer to 24 hours and let the countdown begin.
  • The next day, when your phone tells you the countdown has reached zero, repeat the previous two steps.

Insert code...

... And win!

These are the amounts you can expect to receive

Site Review:

  • Expected profit: 1/5. 30µ฿ at most each day. No comment.
  • Convenience: 2/5. You have to take too many actions for this, although with experience you'll end up automating them.
  • Payment speed: 5/5. Once you redeem your code, the bitcoins are added to your account inmediately. And from your account, you may send them to your digital wallet (transaction fees may apply).
  • Risk: 0/5. Zero. Nothing wrong could happen when you redeem the code to receive your coins.
  • Final Score: 3/10. GOXKEYGEN asks for too much for a very small amount of bitcoins. Forget this site except if you just can't have enough bitcoins and want to get as many as possible without paying anything.

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