Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Websites That Do Not Give Free Bitcoins (3 updates)

When you look for places around the web to get your first free bitcoins, you just cannot avoid to end up in websites which aren't working anymore. They might have given in the past free bitcoins to their visitors and that's what made them get linked on other webs and blogs dedicated to the bitcoin world. But now it's really frustrating going into one of these websites and leaving with empty pockets, sometimes after filling several captchas and exploring the site in search of the free bitcoins. It's also quite amusing to see that even though they don't do their job anymore, most of these webs are still covered with ads. So they get visited, without having content or giving you anything, and get advertising money. That's outrageous, so I'm putting here a partial list of these infernal HTML spawns, so as you can dismiss them inmediately as soon as you see them linked:

These websites suck!

1. NetLookup:

NetLookup used to be some kind of faucet that gave you free bitcoins once per day with even a referral system set up. Now it doesn't work. They've lately added a notice saying there's something wrong with their payment system and that they'll pay retrospectively to everybody that added a Bitcoin address. Let's see if this is true. They would have to send me payments for the last 3 weeks if they kept their word.

"Got it!"? Really? You got nothing!

Update 2, 16/02/2013: Hey, NetLookup, did you give me 6 satoshis to see if I remove you from my list of craptastic websites? Well, that's not gonna work! Try harder!

WTF is this shit?

Update 3, 19/02/2013: Now it's giving me around 1µ฿ per day. When it gives me more than 10µ฿ during seven consecutive days, I'll remove it from this list and review it. Meanwhile, if there is no 4th update under this one, you can consider it continues giving less than 10µ฿ every day, and you may visit the site to get a few satoshis if you feel they deserve your time.

2. Bitcoin Addict:

Bitcoin Addict was another faucet. With jackpots and tons of ads. This one actually tries to make you believe that "You have collected for the day!" when you enter your bitcoin address on their broken system. Well, I've never received a satoshi on the individual bitcoin address I created to receive coins from them, so I don't know. Maybe they mean that we have collected our daily share of ads for the day?

Get lost!

Update 1, 14/02/2013: Their account was suspended two days after this post.

The Internet is a bit cleaner today

3. BitCrate:

This was something quite original: there used to be some crates on this website; you could choose one and keep the bitcoins that contained. However, BitCrate doesn't even show you the crates anymore today. Their creators should pack the web code on a crate and throw it to a river... At least they acknowledge they have run out of bitcoins to give out. And that they'll be back shortly. Suuuuuree...

Don't make me lose my time...

4. BTC Free:

This is another daily faucet. I mean, this was. Now it's nothing more than an empty corpse with some ads where you can play make-believe: introduce your bitcoin address, solve a captcha and feel happy that "Your Bitcoin address was sent succesfully". At least BTC Free has some web design put into it. If I had to review it I'd give it a 0,5/10. And since I'm a hard judge, you've got to take that for what it's worth.

Instead of "Multiple submissions within a 24 hour period will be ignored" it should say "Submission ignored. Have a nice day. Oh, and don't forget to click the ads!"

5. FeedZeBirds:

What happens when you set up a webpage that gives people free bitcoins for retweeting stuff? FeedZeBirds happens. I wonder how this worked in the past, since you can make as many Twitter accounts as you wish... Anyways, now it does nothing at all. You can only see a notice saying somebodything screw up went wrong. Meh.

Nothing to see here...

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  1. You left out BitcoinGet! http://www.bitcoinget.com

    1. Don't worry, I'm going to slam them on another post I'm writing that will extend this one. BitcoinGet doesn't work using Chrome or Firefox (in neither standard nor private browsing). I gave them the benefit of the doubt and used Internet Explorer (which I hadn't opened during years) and still didn't work. They are a bunch of losers. :-[

    2. Here it is the new post!: http://thebitcoinmaster.blogspot.com/2013/02/websites-that-do-not-give-free-bitcoins_18.html

    3. FYI, the issues over at BitcoinGet seem to have been resolved.

    4. What browser are you using? The site still doesn't work for me and none of the possible reasons they have on their FAQ why I could not be getting credit apply to me. Except that they could have flagged me for abuse. But I haven't used their service and I don't watch Virool videos on CoinTube because they don't pay for those anymore, so why should I be flagged? I'll keep an eye on the site, but I'm not changing my stance on this post until it works for me.

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    1. I haven't tried out the Bitcoin Pyramid yet. But from the explanation they give on their homepage it doesn't look like they give free bitcoins. I mean, when you receive bitcoins on that site it's not "their" bitcoins but the ones from somebody a level lower than you in hierarchy who has paid so as you can receive.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. That's not a website that gives free bitcoins. It's a website with a collection of websites that send you free bitcoins. And they don't update their list; many of the sites they show don't give out free bitcoins anymore.

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