Thursday, February 21, 2013

Site Review: Coin Reaper

Coin Reaper is a bitcoin faucet with a twist: it gives out some bitcoins but also lets you visit several other websites which give more free bitcoins without leaving the Coin Reaper site. So as you reap the bitcoins from them, I guess. Let's check it out:

How It Works:

  • Coin Reaper gives you free bitcoins after you input your Bitcoin address and solve a verbal captcha (and in some cases an image catcha).
  • You'll receive 20µ฿ every time you do this. It's something!
  • You can do this once per day.
  • You'll receive the payment on your digital wallet in less than 24 hours.
  • Coin Reaper allows you to visit several other websites to get more free bitcoins without leaving the site. Not all the websites it shows still do it though; some, like NetLookup, BitCrate and Bitcoins So stopped some time ago. We have reviewed here the ones on their list that do give free bitcoins: Bunny Run, Daily Bitcoins, CoinAd, Bitcoiner and CoinTicket. I personally prefer to visit each web directly, but if you like this approach, visit them all from Coin Reaper.

Introduce your bitcoin address...

... Solve the captcha...

... And win 20µ฿!

Best Strategy:

  • Get a Timer App on your phone and bookmark on your mobile phone's browser (or any other).
  • Create a new Bitcoin address only to receive bitcoins from Coin Reaper. This way you can assure yourself that they are actually paying you.
  • Visit the site, input your bitcoin address and press the "Reap BTC" button. You'll be sent to a new page with a captcha. Solve it and press the "Get Coinreaper BONUS" button. You'll be sent to a third page informing you they have noted your bonus request. Now you may leave the site or browse the websites on their list for more free bitcoins.
  • Set your timer to 24 hours. When the countdown reaches zero, repeat the previous step.

They always give out 20µ฿

Site Review:

  • Expected profit: 1/5. 20µ฿. Very little, but if you just can't have enough, visit this place daily.
  • Convenience: 3/5. Input bitcoin address and solve captcha, as always. The design of the site is pretty bad though...
  • Payment speed: 2/5. They will send you your bitcoin bonus in less than a day.
  • Risk: 0/5. The risk is equal to 20µ฿ less than the amount of bitcoins Coin Reaper gives out.
  • Final Score: 5/10. Visit this site only if you feel like you must get every single free satoshi you can every day. If you are not that ambitious, skip it. In other places you can get more than at Coin Reaper for doing a couple of simple tasks! I'll talk of them in the future.

Get Free Bitcoins From These Websites

This list is checked daily to ensure that all of these websites actually send free bitcoins!:

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Do you know of any other website that gives bitcoins for free? Tell us on the comments!

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