Friday, February 22, 2013

Site Review: CoinUploads

Today I'll review a great web that allows you to earn Bitcoins with your digital files! It's really easy to use, anonymous and works very well. And its name is CoinUploads:

My Experience With CoinUploads

A couple of weeks ago I put a notice on my Blogger profile inviting my awesome readers to suggest websites that I should review. Soon I received an email from one of the administrators of CoinUploads, a site that lets you host and monetize your digital files. Let's review it then!

The first thing you'll notcie when you visit the site is that it's really clean and minimalist. There's just some text succinctly explaining the service and a button to upload your file. There's no need to create an account, so the service is really fast. I created a text file with a list of my favourite webs to get free bitcoins and uploaded it. This information appeared on screen:

Select your price

Here I could choose the price I wanted to sell my file for and also was informed of the amount I'd end up earning after their cut was applied. You keep 70% of the price paid for your file, as in so many Internet services of today. Since this was just an experiment, I chose the minimum: $0,001. I introduced a new bitcoin address I created to receive payments from CoinUploads and pressed on "Save this file". I saw a new page:

Upload successful!

It said my file had been uploaded and gave me a link to share my file and earn money on every download. I decided to put the link on my blog, at the top of the right column. You can still see it if you look to your right.

I left it there for a couple of days but I didn't see any activity on the bitcoin address I created to test this service. I guess nobody wants to pay for a list they can get at the end of each one of my posts on this blog! I decided then to test the service... Buying my own file myself.

When you click on the "Download Here" link you are sent to this page:

(Since the price of Bitcoin is continually increasing it must be cheaper now)

You are told the price of the file in bitcoins and are given two options to buy it:

Download by Voucher or with Bitcoins

I clicked on the option to buy with bitcoins. My screen showed this micropayment page:

It generates an address for you to pay for the file

This page reloads every certain amount of time waiting for your payment to arrive. I must say I really like the minimalism and simplicity of the whole process. There's no clutter; they have only written what is essential for the service to work and nothing else.

Under the previous screen section, there was this:

A referral link!

Since I was going to buy my own file, I guessed I could use that referral link and not lose as many microbitcoins. Then I'd also be able to test the referral system! I created a new bitcoin address to receive the commision and introduced the referral link on my browser's address bar. Another screen with a new bitcoin address to send my payment to appeared. I payed:

I payed a ton more in transaction fees than for the actual file...

And in less than a minute they received the payment!:

A wild download link appeared!

As you can expect, when I clicked on the download link I downloaded my own file, which was nicely saved on my hard drive:

I feel weird for doing this...

Now I had my own file successfully downloaded, but I had yet to receive my earnings. I waited a few hours and this transactions appeared on my digital wallet:

Earnings and commisions!

Everything went incredibly well. The commision was 13,08µ฿, 35,001% of the basic price of the file (exactly as they claim). It's a bit odd that I received 38,86µ฿ when I had payed 37,37µ฿. Still, it's great to see that a service based on Bitcoin works so well! I recommend it to everyone that needs a place to host files which they want to sell!

Site Review:

  • Expected profit: ?/5. This depends on how interesting your digital content is and how good your marketing skills are!
  • Convenience: 5/5. Everything works as it should, the design is clean and uncluttered and there's nothing I could think of to improve this service!
  • Payment speed: 4/5. They send their transactions in batch after six confirmations. You only have to wait a few hours to receive your bitcoins.
  • Risk: 0/5. None. You won't have to pay anything upfront for uploading files, so you can nothing lose by using this service even if you then don't manage to sell them!
  • Final Score: 10/10. CoinUploads is the service that anybody who needs a place to store their commercial digital content and wants to be paid in bitcoins should use. It's simple to use, effective, fast... I really can't think of anything that could make it better, so go and try it!

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