Friday, February 1, 2013


Hi there! This is The Bitcoin Master, the guy who will tell you the best ways to increase your bitcoins the easy way! Would you like to know the best websites to get free bitcoins? Or the latest news in bitcoin mining? Are you maybe looking for businesses that accept bitcoin? You'll find it all here, so bookmark this page and come back often to follow the new trends in the bitcoin world!

Welcome, fellow bitcoiners!

Uh... This was just a standard welcome post, but since you already hit the jump, maybe you'd like to get some free Bitcoins from the following websites!:

Get Free Bitcoins From These Websites

This list is checked daily to ensure that all of these websites actually send free bitcoins!:

Daily Bitcoins (read our review here)
CoinAd (read our review here) (and read this too)
BitVisitor (read our review here)
Earn Free Bitcoins (read our review here)
CoinVisitor (read our review here) (and read this too) (and this!)
BitCoin4YOU (read our review here)
Bunny Run (read our review here)
Bitcoiner (read our review here)
Bitcoin Faucet (read our review here)
CoinTicket (read our review here)
Coin Reaper (read our review here)
BTC For Me (read our review here)
Free BTC PT (read our review here)
BitSprinkle (read our review here)
Bit Hits
Omnicoins (read this post first!)

Do you know of any other website that gives bitcoins for free? Tell us on the comments!

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