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This blog focuses on reviewing websites that deal with the Bitcoin world and also gives Bitcoin information for those who have recently adopted this virtual currency. I write everything with a cheerful tone to make my articles entertaining to read even to those who haven't yet been introduced to Bitcoin.

Our favourite cryptocurrency

At the moment we receive on average over 500 daily visitors from many sources. Since this blog was born we've been continuously increasing our daily reach. Our next milestone, which we expect to accomplish during March, is to be read by over 1000 people every single day.

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And remember, there may be many websites with information about Bitcoin, but none presents it in a way as comprehensive, attractive and fun as The Bitcoin Master. Because The Bitcoin Master is exquisitely awesome and uniquely glorious.

The Bitcoin Master

Get Free Bitcoins From These Websites

This list is checked daily to ensure that all of these websites actually send free bitcoins!:

Daily Bitcoins (read our review here)
CoinAd (read our review here) (and read this too)
BitVisitor (read our review here)
Earn Free Bitcoins (read our review here)
CoinVisitor (read our review here) (and read this too) (and this!)
BitCoin4YOU (read our review here)
Bunny Run (read our review here)
Bitcoiner (read our review here)
Bitcoin Faucet (read our review here)
CoinTicket (read our review here)
Coin Reaper (read our review here)
BTC For Me (read our review here)
Free BTC PT (read our review here)
BitSprinkle (read our review here)
Bit Hits
Omnicoins (read this post first!)

Do you know of any other website that gives bitcoins for free? Tell us on the comments!

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