Monday, February 18, 2013

Websites That Do Not Give Free Bitcoins (II) (3 updates)

Almost a week ago I wrote about some websites that used to give you free bitcoins and don't actually give you anything but ads for your viewing pleasure. Today I'm continuing that post with some more sites I've found which follow a similar philosophy. The list of terror gets extended today so as you can ignore these sites as soon as you spot a link to them on one of the several websites that don't update their information often:

Forget about these... Websites?

6. Paper Coin:

The web Paper Coin "lets you embed Bitcoins or US Dollars into a unique on-time-use disposable QR code that is easily read by any smartphone or webcam-enabled computer". But we don't care about that on this post. We care about its faucet, which claims to give you 700µ฿ for 60 seconds of your time. Three things go wrong here: 1) It doesn't give you a single satoshi; 2) They should put a notice saying the faucet doesn't work anymore or remove it altogether; 3) Nobody takes one full minute to solve a captcha.

Oh! It's a faucet! Let's solve the captcha for a nice reward...

... Damn, you could have told me before!

7. Bitcoin Get:

This hideous CoinTube clone called Bitcoin Get (although admitedly with a better design) tricks you into thinking they'll send bitcoins to your bitcoin address if you watch some of the videos they have in store for you. But they don't. After you watch one of their videos and solve a captcha, they always send you a notice that says you have to fully watch the videos in order to be rewarded... And also that in case you watched the videos until the end, there must be a problem with your browser because they couldn't track your activity correctly. They suggest changing to a different one or turning private browsing on. Hm. Let's see:

It doesn't work with Chrome in normal browsing mode!

It doesn't work with Chrome in private browsing mode!

It doesn't work with Firefox in normal browsing mode!

It doesn't work with Firefox in private browsing mode!

Hmmm... Although it's been years since I last opened Internet Explorer, let's give them the benefit of the doubt:

It doesn't work with Internet Explorer either! Rubbish!

The easiest way to get scammed on the Internet!

Update 1, 19/02/2013: Matthew Cheung commented on my previous post that the issues with Bitcoin Get had been resolved, but it still doesn't work for me. Maybe you should visit them and see if they pay you out...

Update 2, 20/02/2013: It's given me 200µ฿ for the first time. If it works well for a week I'll remove it from this list.

Update 3, 28/02/2013: It only works sometimes (like 20% of the times I watch a video). I'm not wasting my time with this.

8. Faucet Closed:

This was the first bitcoin faucet. Now it's Faucet Closed. It is dry and doesn't give any more bitcoins. It doesn't try to make you think otherwise, though. Still, the notice they have written  ("The Faucet is being fixed; please come back in an hour or three") is too optimistic, since it's been unfixed for a lot of weeks already. It will be forever remembered as the website that helped Bitcoin gain new users during its beginnings in the most efficient way possible: by giving free money away.

Rest In Peace :_-(

9. CoinSlot:

This site used to give you a random amount of bitcoins every day you visited it. Now CoinSlot doesn't exist anymore. Avoid following the links you find pointing to this dead place; it's simply a loss of time. The following image isn't even mine, since they let their domain be taken away and now it only shows ads:

The idea didn't seem bad... It may have been a victim of its own success

10. Bitcoins So:

So this is another site that seems to give you bitcoins for free. Bitcoins So even shows on its homepage a certain amount of coins ready to share with you so as you think it's a legit site. So after introducing your bitcoin address and solving a mathematical captcha, it tells you it has no funds... Why is it so difficult to code a little script that gives you this information before you copy the mathematical operation and paste it on Google Search to get the result? So as you don't lose your time, you know.

So... What?

Get Free Bitcoins From These Websites

This list is checked daily to ensure that all of these websites actually send free bitcoins!:

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Do you know of any other website that gives bitcoins for free? Tell us on the comments!

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  1. is a scam. Don't buy bitcoin from them because they never deliver and block you on facebook if you ask about it.