Monday, March 11, 2013

Get Satoshis For Chatting At CoinVisitor (1 update)

After CoinAd, there's now another site where you can earn bitcoins as you chat with other people! After being down for a couple of days, CoinVisitor (free bitcoins daily for visiting websites, free bitcoins once for liking/tweeting them) now adds this nice feature to their chat. I'll tell you the steps you must take to participate and earn here!:

How To Proceed

  • Go to the CoinVisitor Chat page.
  • You'll be given by default a user name composed by six numbers (such as "273645"). Change your nickname with the command "/nick YOURNICKNAME":

I'll be "BTCM"!

  • Now register with the nickname you've chosen and a password with the command "/regist YOURPASSWORD":

This is not BTCM's password :-P

  • Now Logout and then Login with the user and password you chose:

Press this button...

And login with your user and password!

  • Now set up the bitcoin address where you'd like to receive the satoshis you get with the command "/setbitcoin YOURBITCOINADDRESS":

This IS one of BTCM's many bitcoin addresses.
Feel free to send some satoshis there! :-P

  • And that's it! Now chat with the rest of people. I'm not sure of the rules that the system follows to reward you, but it seems you've got a 33% chance to receive bitcoins for a message. You get 6 satoshis (0.06µ฿) every time this happens.

Prize get! It seems the ChatBot approves of what I said! :-)

  • If you want to know how many bitcoins you've accumulated after some chatting time, use the command "/balance":

$24 in the year 2050...

  • To withdraw your earnings, use the command "/withdraw":


  • That's all you need to know! You'll receive your earnings in 24 hours, just as the ones you get from visiting sites at CoinVisitor.

Opportunity Review:

  • Expected profit: 1/5. Since I don't know the rules for getting a reward I'm not sure. But by sending three messages per minute you'll get approximately 3.60µ฿ per hour. Or about 100µ฿ per day. Very little...
  • Convenience: 5/5. Anybody can chat! The chat commands allow you to quickly manage your earnings too.
  • Payment speed: 2/5. You'll receive your satoshis in a day or less.
  • Risk: 1/5. Since getting the six satoshis seems like a random event, you may never get the prize if you are extremely unlucky!
  • Final Score: 6/10. It's nice to see new ways to earn free bitcoins appearing. This CoinVisitor Chat works pretty well but its reward is so low that it will take you a lot of time to get a significant amount of microbitcoins. Please raise the prize amount, Mr. CoinVisitor Admin! :-) Update 1, 07/04/2013: The reward has been risen! :-D

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  1. Do not expect to get rich off it, it pays out based on the prizepool amount. When it is lower so are the payments but every single coin we have gotten and more goes back to the visitors. We cannot do much more than that.

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  3. thanks for the bitcoin info senor zorro