Monday, April 1, 2013

One Hundred Million Dollars!

Hello, dear Bitcoin users of the past! I, The Bitcoin Master, I'm talking to you from a not too distant future! You'll be happy to know that what you've achieved today, first of April 2013, is nothing compared to what awaits you! A value of $100 per Bitcoin will be remembered as a small step for Bitcoin, but a giant leap forward for human economy!

The future is beautiful!

You are witnessing the slow death of fiat money in real time! In the future, we no longer use those dirty papers most of you are still obliged to employ when you go shopping. In fact, you wouldn't even recognize the business landscape if you were here with me! Most banks have collapsed and no longer exist. Huge multinational corporations who tried to oppose the adoption of Bitcoins have disappeared, but some which use fiat money still remain (patents and copyright periods are too long!). We make all our exchanges through several competing cryptocurrencies leaded by Bitcoin. One satoshi is now worth $1. And Bitcoins can be divided up to 16 decimal places! The smallest Bitcoin unit available today (0.0000000000000001฿) is known as nakamoto.

We don't need to use computers or other devices to send Bitcoins to other people either; we only have to think about that action and it just happens. Many people still enjoy using hand-activated external body electronics for that purpose though! By the way, a couple of years ago the creator of Bitcoin (I won't tell you her real name!) was given the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. It included 0.01฿ as a reward!

However, the future of Bitcoin might not be very bright. Which is not a bad thing, mind you! We are approaching a level of automation in every single aspect of our lives that more and more products are reaching a price of literally 0฿, and some people are questioning the need of using money at all. Only very unnecessary things in life have a considerable price tag. For example, I've payed 5 satoshis for renting this DeLorean! I'm running out of fuel, so remember what I told you!

Farewell, and see you in the future! ;-)

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